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2 Simplest Ways to Play FLV Files on iPad

The forthcoming of iPad tablet has ever shocked the whole world, which brings us an entirely different way for daily digital entertainment. It can be said that all iPad tablets no matter the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 or iPad Mini are the wonderful media players thanks to their top class hardware features. No matter viewing them from which angle, you must find that they’re quite ideal devices for videos of all kinds playback. The top-caliber processor chip ensures the lighting video loading and most seamless video playback process. The high quality display heightens the video enjoyment in a crisp and vivid way. The large internal storage gives us the highest possibility to save loads of hot-trending videos for on-the-go enjoying. Best of all, the large capacity battery power ensures super-long time for video playback.

Having said that, there’s yet a big frustration facing, in particular we wish to utilize iPad tablet to watch downloaded videos from the cool video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, iFilm, Myspace, etc. It’s generally known that most videos downloaded from online video sharing sites are encoded in FLV format, while iPad only support to read videos in MP4, MOV and M4V formats. Therefore, how could we watch FLV videos on iPad series, without the trouble of format incompatibility?

Truthfully, it’s just a cinch to tackle above trouble, once you make use of the two most useful and the most commonly used solutions I share below. Now go along with me to know how to make FLV files successfully played on iPad.

Solution 1: Take use of third-party media player to watch FLV files on iPad
The first method is specially prepared for those who are unwilling to watch FLV videos on iPad via converting. The fact is that currently there’re a range of decent video players around, fully supporting us to play FLV videos on iPad tablet. If you are the one that are fond of this method, here you could set up players like OPlayer Lite, RockPlayer2,AirPlayit,PlayerXtreme,VLC Media Player, etc. on your iPad tablet to successfully play back videos in FLV format.

Solution 2: Take advantage of a FLV to MP4 converter to watch FLV files on iPad
Utilizing a FLV to MP4 converter is also a good way to make FLV files playable on iPad. Considering all iPad versions are unable to recognize FLV videos straightly, you could work with a FLV to MP4 video converter to convert FLV to MP4 file that is compatible with all iPad versions. All set to see how to convert FLV files to MP4? Let us take a gander at below guide together.

1. Before the conversion, you should get this FLV to MP4 converter installed on your Win computer. Then function it and hit “Add video” button to import the FLV files you want to convert.

2. Enter into software “Profile” menu to choose MP4 as the output profile out of “Common Video” segment.

3. After finished with above settings, you could click on the “Convert” button on the base right to start converting FLV to MP4 file. After conversion, it’s your turn to add all transcoded FLV files to your iPad tablet for funny enjoyment.

So what kind of method you’re using for watching FLV videos on your iPad tablet? Or you have some other great ways to successfully play FLV files on your iPad? Drop off your ideas in the comments box.


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